Tuesday, March 24, 2009

NPR Talks Debut Clues Release for Constellation!

huge thanks to the NPR Music staff for their amazing support!

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Clues: 'Remember Severed Head'

By Rachel Kowal

When Montreal's The Unicorns broke up in 2004, indie rock kids mourned the death of a band known for its zany hooks and quirky lyrics. Of course, all was not lost, thanks to the emergence of Islands, which also featured Nick Thorburn and Jamie Thompson. But something was still missing. Enter Clues: the musical project founded by fellow ex-Unicorn, Alden Penner, and Arcade Fire's Brendan Reed. Haven't heard of them? Well that's not surprising. Clues' self-titled debut album doesn't drop until May, and the band made a conscious decision not to join any social networks — including Myspace. Instead, the group takes more of a grassroots approach by slowly building up its reputation largely through house shows in the Montreal area.

(((Click to read entire article and listen to the newest Clues song "Remember Severed Head" here!)))