Monday, March 16, 2009

Solid PR SXSW 2009 Schedule

Announces 2009 SXSW Schedule!

Solid PR / Brooklyn Vegan Party
Wednesday March 18th @ Emo's 2pm - 6:30pm w/
THE BRONX (5:45pm)
TRASH TALK (3:30pm)

* Free show featuring a Big Business "Mind The Drift" Listening Party @ 1:15pm!

complete schedule:

Wednesday, March 18th
GOES CUBE 3pm @ The Creekside Lounge (The End Records Showcase)
GOOD OLD WAR 9:25pm @ Threadgill's South (APA Showcase)
HOPEWELL 5pm @The Skoot Inn (Tee Pee Records Day Party)
THE PAPER CHASE 1pm @ Club De Ville (Kill Rock Stars Showcase)
TERA MELOS 9pm @ The Music Gym
THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES 9pm @ Red Eye Fly (Suicide Squeeze Showcase)
TRASH TALK 3:30pm @ Emo's Indoors (Solid PR / Brooklyn Vegan Party)
TRASH TALK 8pm @ Emo's Annex

Thursday, March 19th
DROIDS ATTACK 5pm @ Malaia (Texas Rock Fest)
EARLY MAN 1am @ The Ale House (The End Records Showcase)
GOES CUBE 11pm @ The Ale House (The End Records Showcase)
GOOD OLD WAR 11pm @ The Hilton Garden Inn on the 18th Floor
RED FANG 1am @ Spiro's
TERA MELOS 3:30pm @ The Long Branch Inn (Mt Fuji Party)
TERA MELOS 11pm @ A Fucking Parking Lot!
THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES 2:45pm @ Radio Room (Brooklyn Vegan Party)
THE WARLOCKS 4pm @ Threadgills World Headquarters (Roky Erickson Psychedelic Ice Cream Social Party)
THE WARLOCKS 8pm @ Levis & Fader Magazine Party (The Warlocks Play after Tricky)

Friday, March 20th
BLACK HOLLIES 12am @ The Independent (Ernest Jenning showcase)
DROIDS ATTACK 12pm @ Headhunters (Crustacean Records showcase)
DROIDS ATTACK 2pm @ Trophy's (Whoopsy! Magazine party)
GOOD OLD WAR 4:30pm @ The Troubadour Saloon (Give More Love Showcase)
HOPEWELL 3:15pm @ The Spiderhouse
HOPEWELL 6:45pm @ Guero's
MAPS AND ATLASES 3:45pm @ The Art House
MAPS AND ATLASES 10pm @ The Karma Lounge
THE PAPER CHASE 10pm @ The Parish (Constant Artists Showcase)
THE POISON ARROWS 8pm @ Barcelona
RED FANG 4:15pm @ Trophy's (Whoopsy! Magazine Party)
SISTER SUVI 8:45pm @ United States Art Authority
TAKKA TAKKA 11pm @ The Independent (Ernest Jenning Showcase)
TRASH TALK 3:00pm @ Club 1808 (FREE!) KYI/PPM/TeenageTearDrops Party
TRASH TALK 2:00am Secret Show(FREE!)(Late Friday Night/Early Saturday Morning)
THE WARLOCKS 1:30pm @ Maggie Mae’s

Saturday, March 21st
DROIDS ATTACK 8pm @ The Typewriter Museun (FXFU v2.0)
HOPEWELL 1:00pm @ Live Music Capitol Day Party
HOPEWELL 10:00pm @ The Beauty Bar
MACHINE DRUM 3:00pm @ The Fader Tent
MACHINE DRUM 8:00pm @ The Speakeasy
THE POISON ARROWS 8pm @ The Radio Room w/ Cursive, Milemarker, Young Widows, Frodus
RED FANG 6:45pm @ Typewriter Museum (FXFY v2.0)
SISTER SUVI 12pm @ Flipnotics Coffee
TRASH TALK 3:00pm @ Mess With Texas(waterloo park)(FREE!) w/ Circle Jerks, Black Lips
TRASH TALK 8:00pm @ Beerlands(21+) Chaos In Tejas Party!
THE WARLOCKS 3:30pm @ Club 1808 (Tee Pee Day Party)
THE WARLOCKS 9pm @ Viva Radio (American Apparel official showcase)