Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cave In Announce "Planets of Old" Out July 28th on Hydra Head!

CAVE IN, the insurmountable Hydra Head all-star traveling team has... yep, you guessed it... officially un-disbanded! Unless you're the type to follow a band's wikipedia page closely enough to notice an update the moment it occurs, this news is of the breaking variety... and what's more, Hydra Head has got 4 brand new CAVE IN tracks for those of you, who after four years of radio silence, still wear your now rusted-over Jupiter pins with pride...

The entire 4 song E.P, "Planets of Old," will be made available only as a limited 12," (well... for now anyway) on July 28th. BAD NEWS: this one-hundo-eighty gram specimen is guaranteed to enter the endangered rankings upon inception... GOOD NEWS: the band will have many a twelve inch on their persons at their upcoming performance in Allston, MA (details below)... So you know what they say (or maybe we just overheard some asshole kid who eventually became an intern say this in San Diego) "One for me, one for ebay." I think he thought it rhymed...

* "Retina Sees Rewind," one of four new tracks from the band, has been made available as a digital single TODAY via iTunes, click here to download!

Planets of Old-Tracklisting:
1. Cayman Tongue
2. Retina Sees Rewind
3. The Redtrail
4. Air Escapes

Cave In Live!
7/19 Allston, MA @ Great Scott's w/ Disappearer, Phantom Glue