Friday, August 28, 2009

Rolling Stone Interviews Clutch Frontman Neil Fallon!

Clutch Frontman Decodes His Sinister Lyrical Visions
by Robert Mancini

Stoner rock stallwarts Clutch return to the road next month, giving fans another chance to congregate and bark along to frontman Neil Fallon’s madman sermons of robot overlords, government cover-ups and long dead civilizations.

Fallon’s bon mots, turns of phrase and sidewalk preacher screeds have carved a unique space for Clutch in the heavy music landscape. And the man who gave us lines like “shadow of the New Praetorian / tipping cows in fields Elysian” and “life inside the biosphere, dodecahedron fever’s here / sporting scarlet letters of genetic imperfection, dear” is once again in blissfully twisted form on Strange Cousins from the West, giving us a paranoid pastiche of assassins, drifters, backwoods monsters and chemical weapons. But how are these sinister visions born?

Read the full interview w/ Neil Fallon of Clutch here!