Monday, October 19, 2009

Decibel Magazine Talks To Jello Biafra (Parts 1 and 2!)

Interview: Jello Biafra

His new album The Audacity of Hype by Jello Biafra and The Guantanamo School of Medicine is the kind of bristling, cantankerous hardcore punk rock you'd expect from the Dead Kennedys founder after enduring 8 years of Dick and Bush. In this half of the interview, Jello talks about the Dead Kennedys legacy, playing a show during the Seattle protest of 1999 with Krist Novoselic and Kim Thayil, Shepard Fairey's cover art for The Audacity of Hype, what it's like to be a creative criminal, and why he'd rather you created something of your own rather than beg him to tattoo your nutsack.

Read Part 1 of the conversation here and Part 2 here!