Thursday, October 29, 2009

Oxbow Announces Tour-Only EP * Eugene Robinson Pens Debut Novel!

A limited edition tour-only 12" release of the highest order

What you will read and how you will read it - these words off of an actual physical artifact - will be an experience shared by increasingly fewer of you given the quickly shifting relationship between art and commerce; but we are entrusting you with this dictum: explain it to the rest. That: this SONGS FOR THE FRENCH is a highly conscious effort to do things exactly as we ourselves would never do them in order to create a compelling bridgework between THE NARCOTIC STORY of yesterday and THE THIN BLACK DUKE of tomorrow. Lyrically, musically, thematically this march into intuitive mind has been Russian rouletted into existence, with OXBOW ceding control where control has never been ceded. [Song order? Chosen by Golden Mastering. Intervals? Also Golden Mastering. Some lyrics penned in an in-studio state of fugue.] All randomized and all pointing purposefully toward everywhere. Or specifically: an untoward level of clarity. Of this we are clear. Yes, of this we are clear: the ship is sailing further from land. And truer words have never been spoken.

Songs for the French Tracklisting:

Side: HERE
Oxbow + Philippe Thiphaine

1.2 P.M.
3.Well-Dressed Man

Oxbow [live recordings]: Europe 2008

4.Frankly Frank [London]
5.La Luna [London]
6.The Duke: A Gentleman's Gentleman [London, Extempore]
7.Yoke [Rotterdam]

Buy "A Long Slow Screw" here!

The first novel from OXBOW's EUGENE S. ROBINSON, and the second publication after the release of his 2007 book FIGHT: EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT ASS KICKING BUT WERE AFRAID YOU'D GET YOUR ASS KICKED FOR ASKING [Harper Collins], A LONG SLOW SCREW is a two-fisted hardboiled crime saga set in 1970s New York that closely follows a diamond heist gone right and then murderously wrong. Featuring a passel of punks, tough broads, shysters and homicidal homos, A LONG SLOW SCREW draws heavily on Robinson's real life involvement with elements partially detailed in his best-selling FIGHT, weaving a fictional story of the chaotic pre-9/11 world of New York City. A native New Yorker himself, Robinson's novel reads like a travelogue to the business end of a bunch of very, very bad things.

And following OXBOW's 2009 band tour, as well as A LONG SLOW SCREW's release on the tail of the successful 2008-2009 U.S./European tour for FIGHT, Robinson, Mammoth Booking, Conspiracy and Tone Deaf Booking are offering A LONG SLOW SCREW spoken word European / UK tour for 2010. An evening of song, sex and short readings, Robinson's A LONG SLOW SCREW tour will cover America's twin obsession with fucking and killing both up close AND personally.

11/06 Metz, FRA @ Salle Ochs
11/07 Delemont, SWI @ Sas
11/08 Paris, FRA @ La Maroquinerie
11/09 Brighton UK @ The Engine Room
11/10 Manchester UK @ Star and Garter
11/11 Birmingham UK @ Vivid
11/12 London UK @ Corsica Studios
11/13 Diksmuide, BEL @ 4AD
11/14 Nantes, FRA @ Barakason
11/15 Orleans, FRA @ Astrolabe
11/16 Lyon, FRA @ Grrrnd Zero
11/17 Milan, ITA @ Magnolia
11/18 Verona, ITA @ Arci Kroen
11/19 Geneva, SWI @ Le Kab
11/20 Colmar, FRA @ Le Grillen
11/21 Brussels, BEL @ Magasin 4

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