Wednesday, January 31, 2007

7000 DYING RATS Release "Season in Hell!"

Chicago-based grind-thrash-all-around-punk-heroes 7000 Dying Rats release their latest, "Season in Hell” TODAY, Tuesday January 9th on HeWhoCorrupts!

“A fever dream starring two superconductors a chainsaw and a clown with 12 mouths” – Alternative Press

“7000 Dying Rats did the jerky rhythm change, one musical style to the next, song routine long before it was cool and overdone.” – Punk Planet

"Extreme... killer... special." - Zero Magazine

One of the more historic and important bands in grind-core and punk rock are back, beware!

Formed over 10 years ago in an age when bands like Los Crudos, Reversal of Man, Jenny Piccolo, Get Fucked, An Albatross, and The Locust were ruling the world of underground thrash, 7000 Dying Rats have been a largely influential staple in the scene, taking their brand of fast and furious mayhem to basements and halls nationwide. Their revolving door of band members have also performed in Cattle Decapitation, Lair of the Minotaur, My Lai (one of the best bands of all time?), Flying Luttenbachers, XBXRX, and the steady drumming (still) of punk legend Weasel Walter, just to name a few.

The 7000 Dying Rats sound is dirty and pissed, a perfect fit for the HeWhoCorrupts imprint (a label who represents the best in underground punk and grind-madness), they keep alive a sound that has become watered down and stale in the genre over the past few years and reminds us it's ok to have some fun while being technically masterful and completely vicious.

Having shared the stage over the years w/ the likes of Brutal Truth, Anal Cunt, Neurosis, Suffocation, Drop Dead, Trail of Dead, Motorhead, Wesley Willis, Pelican, and Wolf Eyes, and backed on drums by legendary punk hero Weasel Walter, it’s no surprise the band has stayed alive and relavent for so long. Their brand of extreme and in-your-face punk-rock has made fans the world over, and with “Season in Hell,” a 28-track monster, the ski-masked quintet is sure to terrorize for at least sometime more, if we’re lucky.

7000 Dying Rats US Tour Coming Soon!

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