Wednesday, January 31, 2007

AUTONYM's Upcoming "Shall We Skip To Excessive Celebration?" Recieves Early Acclaim in t

“If Autonym continues on in the direction of this album, their noisy hardcore may just lead them to the promise land.” –

“Shall We Skip To Excessive Celebration? bombards the listener from start to finish with songs acting as short bursts of speed and intensity that evoke an urgency and sense of purpose welcome in the hardcore genre.” –

These are just some of the early praises for the new album by LA (by way of Philadelphia) based discordant punk attack (and soon to be heroes in the scene), AUTONYM, entitled "Shall We Skip To Excessive Celebration?" (2.20.07 on Alarmor Records).

Produced and engineered by Year Future bassist Pete Lyman (see also Neon Blonde and The Locust) at Infrasonic Sound (The Mars Volta, VSS) in Los Angeles, CA, “Shall We Skip To Excessive Celebration?” documents an underground hardcore-punk revival last heard to be this amazing by championed legends Swing Kids and Yaphet Kotto, and more recently, citing influences by the likes of The #12 Looks Like You, Fear Before the March of Flames, The Red Chord, and more.

The band has also recently brought some controversy their way after vocalist Will Angelos (also self-proclaimed author releasing an internet-only novel later in 2007) posted some commentary on religion in the punk rock community (the entire article can be read on the band’s myspace blog: which, after a successful US tour with Secret Lives of The Freemasons and Across Five Aprils, brought fans and foes alike responding to the band’s stance on the issue (Angelos has also been defending his opinion to the likes of who’s fans have had their share of reaction, as did the manager of christian-core heroes, Underoath)

Vocalist Will Angelos comments on the band’s debut album:

“Shall We Skip To Excessive Celebration? is the debut full length from Autonym. The band set out to create a sound that redefined both the hardcore and punk genres and create a concept album more far reaching and genuine than the many others that have flooded the music scene as of late. With the help of Producer/Engineer Pete Lyman (Neon Blonde, The Locust, Bassist of Year Future), Autonym created a new sound that pushes the boundaries of hardcore. With innovative guitar work, inventive time signatures ex. 23/7 on The Sinner and His Patient Wife, landmark drum work, and groundbreaking vocals and lyrical content, Autonym has put together a debut full length that is both original and sincere.

With a 200-page novel and video accompanying the entire album, Autonym has found a way to return to the traditional values and earnest sound of early punk while creating music arranged intricately in both style and concept. The upcoming debut album and accompanying novel, along with constant touring, has caused a stir in independent music as Autonym makes its grand entrance asking Shall We Skip To Excessive Celebration?”

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