Wednesday, January 31, 2007

AN ALBATROSS East Coast and Eurpoean Tour!

Psych-grind masters of the spiritual and physical revolution, AN ALBATROSS have announced they will be heading out on an East Coast tour of the US, followed by a European tour (including trips on France's amazing Generiq Festival!) TONIGHT in support of the band's debut full-length “Blessphemy (of the Peace-Beast Feastgiver and the Bear-Warp Kumite)” out now on Ace Fu (*vinyl released through GSL)!


“The six-piece charge through layers of maniacal noise made complete with an onslaught of assaulting guitar riffs, machine gun percussion, squiggly synths, and Gieda's volatile vocal thrusts."

“Each song is so chock-full of whirlwind Coney Island calliope flourishes that experiencing a little vertigo while listening is not only par for the crusty, avant-grind course—it actually makes the album more enjoyable.” – Decibel Magazine

Recently back from US dates w/ the likes of Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower, Blue Cheer, and their second European tour of 2006 (most recently w/ Lightning Bolt ), An Albatross are gearing up for their first US and European tours of 2007 starting in January and extending through the Spring!

Brothers and Sisters! Aural Emancipation by the sacred sonic offerings of the An Albatross aggregation is on its way! Their mission is to attune you to the Kinetic-Life and yield an experience gratifying to the soul and the body alike: a communal gathering of bodies in motion devoid of inhibiting, hyper-individualized frame of thought!

An Albatross is a psychedelic sonic orgasm; a barrage of mechanical, jerky and discombobulated time signatures eclipsed by hectic Farfisa organ/synthesizer melodies. Not unlike sitting down with an average American family during primetime television, the music is unquestionably attention-span friendly for an ADD-diagnosed society: unbelievably short, complex, infectious bursts of polyrhythms and spirit.

After solidifying their early tour experiences and songwriting in the studio, a fledgling incarnation of the band in 2000 released the 12" EP "Eat Lightning, Shit Thunder" on Philadelphia upstart label When Humans Attack! The enhanced CD version, featuring explosive live footage that captures the unique synergism between the band and their audiences, followed soon afterwards on Bloodlink Records.

In 2002, An Albatross caught the attention of New York City’s Ace-Fu Label and forged a relationship that culminated in the 2003 release of the 8-minute merciless, aural onslaught, “We Are the Lazer Viking,” an enhanced CD EP produced by sonic savant Wharton Tiers (Sonic Youth, Helmet, Dinosaur Jr.). Quickly thereafter, the band released a follow-up split EP with Oakland’s legendary noise-rock outfit XBXRX on the Gold Standard Labs (GSL) label. September 2004 marked the beginning of the current line up featuring incendiary percussionists Edward Klinger and Stevie Vaiani, writhing, psychedel-evangelist vocalist Eddie B. Gieda III, rhythmic contortionista bassist Jay Hudak, circuit-bent breakneck speed-guitarist Jake Lisowski, and Farfisa-master, Phillip Reynolds Price.

With an unparalleled spirit stimulated by the current line-up and several recent releases in its pocket, the band set forth on an unbelievably rigorous tour schedule, crisscrossing the U.S. multiple times and making four transatlantic pilgrimages that amassed a staggering total of 600+ performances w/ the likes of Cave In, Pelican, Earth, Sunn O))), Aids Wolf, Lightning Bolt, and more. The most noteworthy of these dates included a slot on the July ’04 French Eurockeennes Festival, a March ’05 BBC session - initiated by the late John Peel - and a support slot for the East Coast leg of the legendary Melt Banana’s 2005 spring tour as well as romps w/ metal-gods The Dillinger Escape Plan and Japan’s equivalent to Led Zeppelin, DMBQ.

The band’s performances have now acquired a quasi-legendary status, surpassing the traditional concert schema by facilitating a complete fusion of band and audience. Under the mythical banner of future-primitive/psychedelic entities like the Lazer Viking and The Electric Coyote, An Albatross’ Revolutionary Politics of Dance are executed nightly through their electrifying performances.

An Albatross US and European Tour:
Jan 18 2007 First Unitarian Church Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Jan 19 2007 Mojo 13 Wilmington, Delaware
Jan 20 2007 Cake Shop New York City, New York
Jan 21 2007 Great Scott Boston, Massachusetts
Jan 22 2007 Spacelab Portland, Maine
Jan 23 2007 Living Room Providence, Rhode Island
Jan 24 2007 Trinity on Main New Haven, Connecticut
Jan 26 2007 Uncle Paulies Brooklyn, New York
Feb 16 2007 Youthclub Tydeeh Mol (Antwerp), Belgium
Feb 17 2007 Kulturfabrik Esch-Sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
Feb 18 2007 Megasine 4 Brussels, Belgium
Feb 19 2007 K4 Numberg, Germany
Feb 20 2007 007 Prague, Czech Republic
Feb 21 2007 Fri-Son Fribourg, Switzerland
Feb 22 2007 La Poudrière (Generiq Festival) Belfort, France
Feb 23 2007 La Vapeur (Generiq Festival) Dijon, France
Feb 24 2007 Le Noumatrouff (Generiq Festival) Mulhouse, France
Feb 25 2007 Le Kab Geneva, Switzerland
Feb 26 2007 Cafe Schlachthaus Dornbirn, Austria
Feb 27 2007 Ulisse Social Cafe Firenza, Italy
Feb 28 2007 Arena Vienna, Austria
Mar 1 2007 PMK Innsbrucke, Austria
Mar 2 2007 JuZ Südstadt Karlsruhe, Germany
Mar 3 2007 AJZ Bielefeld, Germany

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