Friday, December 7, 2007

FOXY SHAZAM Announce US Tour w/ Karate High School and Peachcake!

Announces US Tour w/ Karate High School and Peachcake in support of upcoming album “Introducing Foxy Shazam,” out January 22nd on New Weathermen / Ferret!


From Ray Charles to Axl Rose, Little Richard to Jerry Lee Lewis, the piano and pianist have been driving forces fueling some of the most monstrous musical movements ever put to audience's ears. And most often, especially when performed live, these moments of powerful and sometimes flamboyant epics, melt minds and faces for decades, and even centuries, to come.

Enter, Foxy Shazam.

Taking their queue from contemporaries like At the Drive-In, Gogol Bordello, Man Man, and others in the modern piano-driven punk era, FOXY SHAZAM construct a formula of chaotic and disjointed, convulsive punk rock, complete w/ apocalyptic lyrics and doom-ridden instrumentation, seemingly rising and intoxicating like vapors from a cryptic, acid-laden party in hell. Imagine the soundtrack to a bad trip featuring demon-gnomes encircling and bouncing about, eyes bulging like that creature on the plane in Stephen King's Twilight Zone. Freaky shit!

But Foxy Shazam just want to have fun. Their current US tour w/ label-mates Heavy Heavy Low Low and guests Tera Melos, sees the band touring the length of the country, calling to action the kids who want to disrupt normal routine and lash out against daily false-reality. Stage dive, start a pit, and don't worry about making sense. We're just here to party.

More about Foxy Shazam:

The self-proclaimed “Evel Knievel of Rock N Roll,” Foxy Shazam is here to make a musical death defying stunt with their New Weathermen debut Introducing, to be released in January of 2008. The album, recorded with producer Casey Bates (Chiodos, Heavy Heavy Low Low) takes their piano propelled songs that layer spastic hardcore noise atop fractured Soul inspired pop to a new level, one that emphasizes - well - good times, tells vocalist Eric Nally. “The whole point of the album is to be a feel-good dance party. We stepped up our game while throwing our whole selves and personality quirks in it, making the album very centered and focused on our development.” The songs are varied, and there are a few head scratchers thrown in the mix, tells Nally. “One song, Dangerous Man, is meant for the soundtrack of a Robin Hood film. Another song, Red Cape Diver, is about a bull fighter who is telling his family that he loves them before he goes off to work. But most of the songs are just about having a good time.” The first single off of their record, and one of the biggest party-starters, Yes Yes Yes! is making its debut on Myspace this month.

Foxy Shazam has been taking their party mobile since their formation in 2004. The quintet from Cincinnati, OH, which consists of Nally, Loren Turner (guitar), Daisy (bass), Sky White (piano), and Joe Halberstadt (drums) are currently out on tour with Heavy Heavy Low Low and Tera Melos, and have booked their own tours in the past with Tub Ring, Look What I Did, and others. Speaking on their direction, Turner admits “we decided early on not to hold back on any kind of sound as long as it sounds good, we will use it.” The result is a divergent sound that doesn’t fit comfortably in any one genre but reaches across many. “We’ve always gone over well with our live shows whether playing to a bar full of old guys or a VFW hall full of hardcore kids we also draw a positive reaction.” Through this intense live show experience, the band has drawn a fanbase in many national markets. While their shows tend to get a little wild, for example the band playing to reckless abandon including White playing the piano with a severed deer hoof and Nally putting out a lit cigarette on his cheek, the emphasis is on the visible, soulful nature of the music. “We tend to be really theatrical because we are so passionate about the music. It really moves us, and we don’t need props to show it.”

The band released their debut album The Flamingo Trigger (2005), and then went on to tour exhaustively, performing over two hundred shows within a span of eighteen months. The word of mouth about the band began to spread catching the attention of many, including The Number Twelve Looks Like You's front man and band manager, Jesse Korman. Foxy Shazam was then quickly introduced by Jesse to Nick Storch of New Weathermen Records. Storch recalls "He (Korman) told me I had to check them out and at first I had no idea what was going on in their music and put it aside. A few weeks later I put their demos back in with a fresh mind and it clicked right away, these guys are chaotic but there's also a real pop sensibility that doesn't usually occur with bands this far out." Foxy Shazam is the second artist to be signed to the label in partnership with Ferret Music. The band will be heading out on a full US tour with Heavy Heavy Low Low and Tera Melos in November so keep checking for details.

“Introducing” Tracklist:
1. Introducing Foxy
2. The Rocketeer
3. A Dangerous Man
4. The Science Of Love
5. A Black Man's Breakfast
6. It's Hair Smelled Like Bonfire
7. Red Cape Diver
8. Yes! Yes! Yes!
9. Ghost Animals
10. Cool

Foxy Shazam Live!

w/ Karate High School and Peachcake!

Jan 17 2008 The Mad Hatter Covington, Kentucky
Jan 18 2008 The Attic Club Dayton, Ohio
Jan 19 2008 The School (BCA) Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
Jan 20 2008 The Basement Nightclub Cleveland, Ohio
Jan 21 2008 Infinity Williamsville, New York
Jan 22 2008 Tap Bar @ the Knitting Factory New York, New York
Jan 23 2008 Balcony Bar (@ Troc.) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Jan 24 2008 ICC Performance Halls Allston, Massachusett
Jan 25 2008 The Camel Richmond, Virginia
Jan 26 2008 Guzmans Harrisonburg, Virginia
Jan 27 2008 The Soapbox Laundrolounge Wilmington, North Carolina
Jan 29 2008 Studio A Miami, Florida
Jan 30 2008 The Orpheum Ybor City, Florida
Jan 31 2008 Big Daddy’s Tallahassee, Florida
Feb 1 2008 The High Ground Metairie, Louisiana
Feb 4 2008 Red 7 Austin, Texas
Feb 5 2008 The Compound Corpus Christi, Texas
Feb 6 2008 Rock Bottom Bar San Antonio, Texas
Feb 8 2008 The One Place Phoenix, Arizona
Feb 12 2008 The Whisky West Hollywood, California
Feb 13 2008 Blakes on Telegraph Berkeley, California
Feb 14 2008 Stoney’s Reno, Nevada
Feb 16 2008 Studio Seven Seattle, Washington
Feb 19 2008 Club NVO Logan, Utah

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