Thursday, December 13, 2007

The LA Times Hype Foxy Shazam!

huge thanks to Kirk Miller, Andy Hermann, and the entire LA Times MetroMix staff!

Foxy Shazam, "Introducing" (New Weathermen/Ferret)
Hyped on:
we wore masks / A Shiny New Machine

Who: A party-punk quintet from Cincinnati that has (somewhat) inexplicably garnered a following on the hardcore scene.

What: Although the blog world has aligned Foxy with the spazz-core of the Blood Brothers (R.I.P.), these guys are far too upbeat for the noise scene. Credit the combo of full-time pianist Sky White and the theatrical and (dare we say it?) Meat Loaf–like range of vocalist Eric Nally for giving this punk assault a glammy, peppy kick.

Made for: Non-angry punks who still, nonetheless, hate emo. ‘70s rock fanatics (Elton, Meat Loaf, Bowie) who think a whole lotta amphetamines would’ve really helped the scene. Those of us who miss Andrew W.K.

Pianist White enjoys both jumping on and doing push-ups on his piano, and once reportedly played his keyboards on stage with a severed deer hoof (not to be confused with the college rockers Deerhoof). – KM