Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Around the Web Today: Wednesday April 16th

As we find ourselves w/ the not-so-horrible dilemma of having more press come in then we can profile individually on our site, we're trying out this new entry to give props to those who support. Enjoy and click away!

Since this is a new entry, we might sneak in some love from earlier in the week ;)

Solid PR Artist of The Day:

CHRIS MILLS (New album "Living in the Aftermath" April 22nd on Ernest Jenning)

* Absolutepunk review (posted today by Blake Solomon)
* Decoymusic review

Also around the web today: interviews An Albatross
Plug In Music reviews Scott Kelly's "The Wake" (Neurot)
Treble reviews Cavity's "Laid Insignificant" (Hydra Head)

Impose Magazine Interviews Jettie (Eyeball Records)
MYSPACE BAND OF THE WEEK: E For Explosion (Eyeball Records)