Thursday, April 3, 2008

Pitchfork Forkcast: Ecstatic Sunshine "Herrons"

huge thanks to Mark Richardson and the entire Pitchfork staff! Ecstatic Sunshine will be releasing their new album, WAY, April 8th on Cardboard Records:

New Music: Ecstatic Sunshine: "Herrons" [Click to Stream]

On their last two albums for Carpark, Baltimore's Ecstatic Sunshine offered up playful guitar instrumentals that could fairly be called pop, though they sometimes veered off into spazzier, almost prog-like territory. WAY, their forthcoming album on Cardboard, finds them taking a longer view. With only three tracks stretching to 30 minutes, they probe repetition and incremental change using textures not unlike those explored by Growing on their last few records. Of the influences currently listed on their MySpace-- Terry Riley, Scientist, Glenn Branca, Sunroof!-- the last rings truest, especially here on "Herrons". Pulsing electronics and guitar feedback all swirl together into a brightly textured drone that suggests both stasis and constant forward movement. It's the kind of stuff that gets better the louder you're able to play it, the sort of noise that-- for me, anyway-- always sounds joyous.