Tuesday, April 29, 2008

David Karsten Daniels Releases "Fear of Flying" Today on Fat Cat!

David Karsten Daniels
Releases Fear of Flying, Today on Fat Cat Records!

Each piece lands and is salvaged, carefully set in sound, but with hairline fractures intact, especially in Daniels’s forthright, slightly hoarse voice, which finds crosshatchings and paw-prints of tunefulness everywhere his words and moods want to go. - Paperthinwalls.com

Mr. Daniels triumphs at a profound level. - Absolutepunk.net

His movements and gestures are reminiscent of Brandon Boyd, Anthony Kiedis and a 7-year-old boy who is proud, excited and bashful all at once. - Portland Daily Vanguard

If the single “Martha Ann”—a flaky layered, addictive folk rock jammer that’s got everything from dirty guitar solos to stair-stepping harmonies—from his to be released Fear of Flying (April 29 on Fat Cat) is any indication, then Seattle will likely be falling all over itself to sink it’s claws in to claim this new resident. - The Seattle Weekly

North Carolina-born songwriter David Karsten Daniels deals comfortably in paradox - whether negotiating between “Jesus and the Devil” on last year’s FatCat debut, Sharp Teeth, or finding the magnificent balance between his meticulous arrangements and newly raw guitar and drum textures of his latest effort, Fear Of Flying.

While more consistent than his previous work,Fear Of Flying goes much further into uncomfortable lyrical territory, exploring the heady questions that arise when death and love meet. Daniels also expands his sonic pallette with new instrumentation and influences. As he explains, “[it’s] both more of a pop record and more of a noise record. I set out to make a classic rock album, and I'm not sure where I ended up, but I don't think it's in the 70s.”

As with all Daniels’ recordings to date, Fear of Flying was self-recorded at home, aided and augmented by an array of like-minded, mutually supportive musicians from the Chapel Hill based Bu Hanan Collective, which he co-founded with Alex Lazara, Daniel Hart and Perry Wright.

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Fear of Flying Tracklist
1. Wheelchairs
2. That Knot Unties?
3. Martha Ann
4. Falling Down
5. A Myoclonic Jerk
6. A New Garment
7. Every Time A Baby Is Born
8. The Caretaker
9. Oh, Heaven Isn’t Real
10. In My Child Mind You Were A Lion
11. Evensong

David Karsten Daniels Live!
pr 27 2008 @ Media Club Vancouver, British Columbia w/ Nina Nastasia
Apr 28 2008 CD release show @ Nectar Lounge w/ Nina Nastasia, Welcome Seattle, Washington w/ Nina Nastasia
Apr 29 2008 CD release show @ Mississippi Studios w/ Nina Nastasia Portland, Oregon w/ Nina Nastasia
May 1 2008 @ Hemlock Tavern San Francisco, California w/ Nina Nastasia
May 2 2008 @ The Crepe Place Santa Cruz, California w/ Nina Nastasia
May 3 2008 @ Spaceland Los Angeles, California w/ Nina Nastasia
May 5 2008 @ Plush Tuscon, Arizona w/ Nina Nastasia
May 6 2008 @ Modified Phoenix, Arizona w/ Nina Nastasia
May 7 2008 @ Bar Pink Elephant San Diego, California w/ Nina Nastasia
May 9 2008 @ Lil Red Lion Bar Eureka, Californiaw/ Arrogant Hair, Warren Teagarden
May 10 2008 @ The Space Salem, Oregon w/ Soft Tags, Sustentacula

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