Thursday, May 15, 2008

Chris Mills Announces US Dates w/ Waco Bros!


Living In The Aftermath finds Mills, instrumentally, in a rawer, tighter and dare I say, rock & roll space. Lyrically riffing on a blur of whatever subjects comes to mind, Mills cites horror movies, four-color ash-can adventures, and the black and white reflections of late night re-runs, as inspiration (and it shows). - Aquarium Drunkard

His fragile, emotive voice (akin to Will Sheff or Ryan Adams) fits the maudlin lyrics like a puzzle piece pairing light-hearted humor with country roots-rock. - Filter Magazine

It’s wonderful. - Absolute Punk

Chris Mills w/ Waco Brothers!
June 2nd, T.T. the Bear's, Cambridge, MA
June 3rd, Highline Ballroom, NYC
June 4th, Northstar Bar, Philly
June 5th, Rock and Roll Hotel, Washington D.C.