Friday, January 30, 2009

The NY Daily News Talks to Takka Takka!

huge thanks to Jim Farber and the entire Daily News staff!

Takka Takka launches an Afro-pop Attack

Takka Takka offers just a sketch of a sound, letting their instruments trace a tune, and dance around the beat rather than pounding the rhythm home and filling in every inch of aural space.

"I come at our music more like a painting than a song," Takka Takka leader Gabe Levine says. "You start with a sketch, then add more colors as you go."

The result has made their music some of the most playful, light and evocative on the New York scene today. Their latest CD, "Migration," suggests more than it states, letting the guitars pirouette and the synths twinkle. Luckily, the melodies prove pretty enough to make it all work. Tomorrow the group brings this impressionistic sound to the Music Hall of Williamsburg.

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* Update! BrooklynVegan and Pitchfork also had some nice words for the Takka dudes today! thanks to everyone for their support!