Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pitchfork Reviews The An Albatross Family Album!

huge thanks to Shawn Bosler and the entire Pitchfork staff for their support!

An Albatross:
The An Albatross Family Album
[Eyeball; 2008]

Robo-spazmatazz genre-splicers An Albatross pack more riffs, time changes, and esoteric rock references in one song than many bands jam into an entire album. Fitting for a bunch of dudes whose credo is some sort of mystical mumbo jumbo of cosmic love, fantasy animals, sci-fi weirdness, and-- as the new album expounds on-- space pilgrimages in search of world peace and harmony. And yet, I think they're serious! These love-in rambles only give the ballistic tunes that much more cheeky appeal. For their third full-length, The Family Album, AA continue their psychedelic aural terror, but dig deeper into the annals of kraut and classic rockdom.

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