Monday, February 23, 2009

Artist Direct Talks to Clutch and Bakerton Group's Neil Fallon!

huge thanks to Rick Florino for the support!

Interview: Neil Fallon of Clutch and The Bakerton Group

Clutch is one of those bands that all of your favorite bands listen to, love and copy, but still have never gotten the mainstream recognition they deserve. Perhaps it's because they have remained one step ahead of the public consciousness throughout their entire career. By the time the world catches up, they're listening to some carbon copy of what Clutch did two or three albums before. No Clutch album sounds the same. On each album, they're landing on a different musical planet.

With The Bakerton Group though, they've ventured into a whole new galaxy. The Bakerton Group is Clutch's vocal-less alter-ego. Their latest offering, El Rojo, is a progressive fusion of jazz, rock and southern blues that's quite a head trip. In this exclusive interview, Clutch vocalist and Bakerton Group axeman Neil Fallon spoke to about dropping the mic for El Rojo, sick new horror movies and the next Clutch album.

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