Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Decibel Interviews Clutch and Bakerton Group Guitarist Tim Sult!

huge thanks to Chris Dick, Nick Green and the entire Decibel staff!

The Bakerton Group and Clutch's Tim Sult Interviewed

dB caught The Bakerton Group and Clutch's Tim Sult by surprise. Actually, we didn't. We just played phone tag for a few hours and dB ended up winning the game. Poor Tim.

What’s the Weathermaker about?
Tim Sult: It’s basically an extension of the River Road Records that we did in the early 2000’s. We have proper distribution now, so we’ll be able to release The Bakerton Group and Clutch material with real distribution finally. That’s really what it’s about.

DRT is allegedly on-hold now. It’s public you were dissatisfied with DRT. Does Weathermaker give you the chance to bring it all in-house?
Tim Sult: Yeah, it was time to bring it all in-house for sure. With DRT, everything sounded like it would be a good deal, but everything went sour. Always does with any record deal.

The Bakerton Group’s El Rojo album just came out?
Tim Sult: The Bakerton Group originally started when Neil, our singer, moved out to Denver in the early ‘90s. We basically had nothing better to do, so we start writing instrumental songs in-between tours. Just to practice, really. That was the reason, actually. So, I would say New Year’s Eve 1997, going into 1998, The Bakerton Group played its first show. It took us a few years to finally get The Bakerton Group going. Now, we have Neil on guitar so it all works out.

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