Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Knut Release "Wonder" This Week on Hydra Head * Decibel Interview and Album Spotlight

Track-by-track: Knut's "Wonder"

Half a decade has passed since Geneva quintet Knut last released a full-length, and now the wait since 2005’s Terraformer is over. The band will unleash Wonder tomorrow, an 11-track (10 if you buy the vinyl) slab of technical hardcore infused with roaring vocals and dissonant flourishes. Decibel is content to report that 16 years in, Knut still ooze spite. To get the track-by-track skinny on the record, we emailed drummer and songwriter Roderic Mounir (who was on tour in Europe), who, alongside vocalist Didier Séverin, illuminated us on the finer points of songs about people who don’t listen, “pitch-wavering wash[es] of analog noise,” and cats with a potential sixth sense regarding Eyjafjallajökull (you know, the damn Icelandic volcano).

Read the full interview here!