Thursday, June 3, 2010

Miss TK & The Revenge Announce New Album + Surfrider Benefit "The Ocean Likes To Party Too"

Led by the husband and wife duo of Tannis "Miss TK" Kristjanson on vocals, and Ari Katz aka "Mighty Lion" on drums, the six member gang of Miss TK & The Revenge have been dropping scattered bits of their punk disco dance hits since their 2004 debut XOXO on the legendary NJ punk label Gern Blandsten. Formed in the wake of the short lived Zero Zero (Katz has also spent the last 20 or so years as the singer for influential NJ punks Lifetime), Miss TK & The Revenge have been deep in the studio producing new tracks for the past few years, resulting in the dynamic new LP The Ocean Likes To Party Too.

Steeped in the vibe of the group's Asbury Park beachfront digs, The Ocean Likes to Party Too is a bonfire beachparty jam from the raunchy opening grooves of "Beachmaster" to the breezy convertible bounce of "Saturday" through the tweaked out electronics of "Shimmy Sha." Beneath a sheen that hits on Blondie, M.I.A. and !!! they slow burn through endless grooves under the watchful eye of producer Alap Momin of Dälek (Momin also co-wrote two of the album's tracks).

Ernest Jenning Record Co. is kicking off a new era of TK by reissuing the (previously digital-only) impeccably produced double blast of No Biterz / Future Power on 7" single for the first time, and immediately following it up with the full out non stop bounce-groove jam of "Ocean" this Summer.

Watch the video for "No Biterz" here!

* A portion of the proceeds from sales of "The Ocean Likes To Party Too" will be donated to the Surfrider Foundation to aid in their efforts w/ the recent Gulf oil spill. Learn more about the Surfrider Foundation here.

The Ocean Likes To Party Too Tracklist
1. Beach Master
2. Hotter Sweeter
3. Kids
4. Feel It
5. Red Lites
6. Body Bounce Back
7. Saturday
8. Cities On The Beach
9. Shimmy Sha
10. Pancakes
11. Backwards Boy
12. Posi Tip
13. Just Wanna Dance

No Biterz Tracklist
1. No Biterz
2. Future Power

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