Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Capsule Kick Off US Tour * New Album "No Ghost" Out April 12th on Rorschach Records

"No Ghost is relentlessly catchy, a collection of post-hardcore freakouts and math rock seizures reassembled with immensely pleasing results." - MetalSucks

"With only a couple of releases under their belt, the Miami trio has developed a
great formula. Maniacally playing with and against each other, they demand your
attention to detail. A fluid combination of cross-eyed songwriting and
methodical execution, the band’s precision is all that keeps the tangle of riffs
and time changes from giving you vertigo." - Decibel Magazine

"A band that has always impressed with over-the-top technicality piles hooks into their math-y post-hardcore to great effect. Dig on exhibit A from No Ghost, 'Neuralize So Numb'" - BrooklynVegan

Capsule was born June 2005 in Miami, Florida, when Eric Hernandez and Colin Smith decided to procreate and spawn a hellion forged of speed, ferocity, and limitless expectation, yet delicate and graceful and seemingly impervious to categorization and formula subjection. Eric and Colin had previously cut their
teeth on punk / power violence and post-hardcore with groups like Tunes For Bears
To Dance To
and Tyanny of Shaw – both featuring drummer Rick Smith from Torche/Shitstorm - as well as other groups in the Miami area and beyond (Colin played drums in Dead Lions, Devices, We’re Scissors,etc., while Eric, an ex-member of metal heroes Kylesa, played in various recording projects as well as Contrabass in the Florida International University symphony).

After their first release on Robotic Empire (a seven song EP on tape recorded
by Eric – drums/bass/vocals, and Colin –guitars/vocals) the duo recruited Ryan Haft (bass/vocals) and Capsule’s road dog approach to touring ensued with
tours from 2005-2008 with bands like Torche, Brainworms, Graf ‘Orlock , Comadre,
Furnace, Birthday Boyz, Thank God,
and others as well as a slew of splits and

In 2008 Capsule released their debut LP Blue on Robotic Empire, a record that culminates the fruits of their previous releases in ten tracks at just past the half hour mark; Capsule’s signature riff-to-face guitars and start/blast/stop drumming are prevalent, as well as the searing mid-shred pick slides and towering feedback swells, yet there are progressive –and often epic- elements that upsurge through the tidal wave of layered vocal choruses, unsettling blast beat shifts, and seemingly other- worldly melodies wielded through a current of undeniable hooks and dissonance. Along with hyper speed tracks ‘Cobalt Connection’ and ‘Symptom of Spectacle’, Blue broadens the scope with slower tempo-tantrums like ‘Title Track’ and the sludge crawl climax of ‘Determinal’, proving that Capsule’s brand of fast-paced, no-boundaries thrash was only the tip of the iceberg.

As far as what to expect from this uncompromising steamroller of high volume
and vast devastation, Capsule's new album, "No Ghost" is set for release on April 12th via Rorschach Records (Amateur Party, Ultra Dolphins, Brainworms) and was recorded between October 2009 and July 2010 by Ryan Haft (guitars). The album is packed with the kind of punches you'd expect from the band including standouts "Neuralize So Numb" (short, fast, and pissed), "Small Caps" (still fast and pissed, but it’s all about the hooks on this track), and "Outline" (shows it doesn’t have to be fast to be short and sweet).

Drummer Eric Hernandez says of the new album "It was great since we could really take our time on it; we did some touring in between making the record and the songs would sink in and begin to take shape as we’d play them live, then we’d get back to the studio and re-record a guitar or vocal track and it would take the song in a different direction that we didn’t think of a month before. In a way we got to see/hear the record from multiple perspectives and take the time to re-visit what we’d already done so we can take it a step further. The process was similar with Blue (recording, touring, recording), but this time we could literally wake up, fix up some lucky charms, and hit the record button; the music starts to feel like a family member that you’ve watched grow since birth, and that closeness with the music was something we didn’t have with Blue.

We’re psyched it worked out with Rorschach records, who are also based out of
Richmond, VA. We really feel at home in Richmond thanks to Robotic Empire, so
it's just a natural step for us."

Capsule are out to put their own stamp on extreme music, and the ink is starting to soak.

"No Ghost" Track List
Neuralize So Numb
Small Caps / Outline
Ton Work
World Citizen
Isn't Us
Gown of Frost

Capsule Live!
Mar 15- Orlando,FL @ Wills Pub
Mar 16- Gainesville, FL @ Wayward Council
Mar 17- Athens, GA @ Flicker Bar
Mar 18- Nashville,TN @ Little Hamilton Collective
Mar 19- Indianapolis, IN @ The DojoMar 20- Chicago, IL @ Kostner House
Mar 21- Grand Rapids, Mi @ DAAC
Mar 22- Cleveland, OH @ Now That's Class
Mar 23- Pittsburgh, PA @ Garfield Arts
Mar 24- Bethlehem, PA @ St.Bernards
Mar 25 - NYC ,NY @ The Acheron
Mar 26- Boston, MA @ OBriens (two shows)
Mar 27 -NYC, NY @ Silent Barn
Mar 28- Philadelphia, PA @ Marvelous Records
Mar 29- Baltimore, MD @ The Bell Foundry
Mar 30- Washington, DC @ Corpse Fortress
Mar 31 -Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter
April 1-Greensboro, NC @ Legitimate Business
April 2 -Harrisonburg, VA @ Macrock (Blue Nile)
April 3 -Chapel Hill, NC @ The Resevoir
April 4 -Columbia, SC @ New Brookland Tavern

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