Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Filter Premieres New Music From TS & The Past Haunts feat Travis Shettel of Piebald!

MP3: TS & The Past Haunts Show How To ‘Caveman Rock’ (FILTER Exclusive)

TS & The Past Haunts may be a new ensemble, but the members are no stranger to the scene.

While out on the road with The Duke Spirit as tour manager, Travis Shettel’s (guitarist, singer and ring-leader of the band Piebald) musical past was discovered and he was asked to assist the band in the studio on keys and percussion. Since The Duke Spirit had their own full schedule, Travis had to look elsewhere to find members that could perform live with him. Cue drummer Ben and bassist Heather Heywood. A married duo who front bands such as Summer Darling and Kissing Cousins. TS & The Past Haunts were born.

Now the trio is planning to record a full-length with Robert Cheek (RX Bandits, Deftones) in Sacramento, recording live to capture the raw energy of their performances.

TS & The Past Haunts will debut their full-length album this summer on No Sleep Records.

(((Read more and download "Caveman Rock" here!)))