Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chicagoist Talks Upcoming Debut Album from Lil Daggers

Sharp And Ready, Lil Daggers Debut

Now that another South by Southwest festival has wrapped up, music fans can catch their collective breath before attempting to sift through the scores of up-and-comers that debuted in Austin.

Post-festival, new bands tend to move in one of three ways: Breaking out and gaining a national audience, riding the buzz for a few more months (or years) before blowing up, or going home to toil in obscurity...maybe forever. Miami-based psych-rockers Lil Daggers made the rounds at SXSW in 2009 but didn't quite rocket to blog and viral video-fueled stardom. Instead, like a savvy young band should, the group used that momentum to tour and record material. The result isn't quite as glamorous as becoming overnight sensations, but in the two years since their turn at SXSW, Lil Daggers have built up a strong library of EPs and 10" records. The band is finally about to drop (on April 12) its first full-length, Lil Daggers--and it ain't half bad.

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