Friday, May 13, 2011

Balance and Composure Release Debut Album "Separation" on No Sleep Records To Massive Fanfare!

Balance and Composure have just released their debut full length album "Separation" on No Sleep Records and the response has been deafening. You can read just some of what critics are saying below:

"The quintet knock it out of the park on their debut full-length, Separation. With accomplished producer Brian McTernan at the helm, the group's brand of well-rounded post-hardcore has never sounded more engrossing." - Alternative Press Magazine 4/5

"...probably the best record released in 2011 so far. Separation doesn't just live up to the self-earned standards that Balance & Composure have given themselves by releasing good music in the past, it takes those standards, writes them all on a piece of paper, burns it to ashes and writes a book on how this genre should be done." - Absolutepunk

"Separation is an exhausting practice, riddled in catharsis and grinding tension. Balance and Composure always conveyed a certain level of tribal melancholy with their past material, but they've rarely employed it with this much thought and deliberation, nor as much originality. Brilliant." - Punknews

"‘Separation’ possesses tracks that are as mournful and introspective as Cobain’s funeral, others are as upbeat and energetic as Jimmy Eat World’s ‘Bleed American’" - Rock Sound

"Balance and Composure show surprising depth in their new album and the outcome of this is an extremely cleverly crafted album that makes us wonder just what exactly they are capable of doing in the future." -

"With Separation, Pennsylvania-based Balance and Composure have really made a statement. The talent that they hinted at in their previous two EP’s is fully expanded and fleshed out on this record. Their live show was already a sight to behold, a captivatingly intense and mesmerizing spectacle that can only be aided by adding some of these songs to the set.. Separation will undoubtedly end up on my Best of 2011 list come December, as it blew away my already high expectations." - Behind The Hype

"Separation isn’t just good, it’s surprisingly good. From first listen, you’ll be hooking into it’s calming, yet cathartic nature, and surely be bobbing your head and singing along after multiple listens. If you haven’t given this band a due chance, there is no better time than now." - Review Rinse Repeat

"...daring and breathtaking study in tone and atmosphere, it’s brilliantly realized and a stunning ensemble piece. Score: 9/10" - Under The Gun

" of the most notable releases so far this year. - 4.5/5" - Alter The Press

"The youth of 2011 want nothing to do with cherry-flavoured choruses about first kisses and instead, wrap distress and relatable emotions into a neat little package and hurl it straight towards your face. Separation does just this; it complexes, awes and entraps, letting fixed chords reverberate into an outbreak of grim vocals and drum abusing rhythms..." - Blare Magazine

"Balance and Composure is still miles ahead of most other bands operating in their genre. The reason? Authenticity." - Muzik Dizcovery

"Highly recommended!" - Elementary Revolt