Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Village Voice Interviews Conceptual Artist and Metal Composer Nader Sadek

Q&A: Nader Sadek On Wearing Deicide T-Shirts In Cairo And Humanity's Oil-Fueled Pursuit Of Its Own Destruction

Egypt-born visual artist Nader Sadek has been bringing the worlds of avant-garde art and extreme metal together for several years. His 2007 installation Faceless arose out of his experiences living as a metalhead in Cairo, and combined oddly Edward Gorey-ish drawings of a niqab-clad woman standing in landscapes not unlike the ones you might see on metal album covers or fantasy novels. The soundtrack to the piece had members of Morbid Angel, Emperor, Obituary and Testament performing an experimental piece that mixed death metal and Middle Eastern music alongside Middle Eastern musicians like Omar Faruk Tekbilek and Raquy Danziger. Sadek has also designed costumes and sets for the likes of Mayhem and Attila Csihar.

This week Sadek releases his first full-length album, In the Flesh (Season of Mist).

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