Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fuse TV Spotlights New Album from Title Tracks (feat. John Davis of Q and Not U)

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Title Tracks "All Tricks"

In Blank contains 10 original songs from John, as well as a cover of the Flamin' Groovies song, "I Can't Hide." The mood on the new record is 32 minutes of nearly unflagging kinetic push from start to finish and is mixed in glorious mono. Starting with "Shaking Hands" ("a tongue-in-cheek glorification of a solipsistic apocalypse," John says) and ending with "Winners Cry" (about "tattered friendships and the pursuit of oblivion"), the record only slows down very slightly at the halfway mark for "Forget The Ghost," a spectral song cloaked in a wash of Doric organ, an insistent tandem of acoustic guitar and kick drum and a bass line that walks the song like the titular phantoms. "It's about feeling like you've maybe exorcised the worst parts of yourself," John explains, "as told through a few ghost stories I've been a part of and/or heard at points in my life."

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