Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nylon Magazine Spotlights Clues!

huge thanks to the entire Nylon staff for their support!

This band is from Montreal, but their favorite music is anything but.

Clues is like a good mystery: Straightforward, yet beguiling at the same time.

It might have something to do with the fact that the band’s members hail from some of the more influential—and diverse—Montreal bands in the last few years; Alden Penner founded art pop buzz band The Unicorns, which fizzled out before they could even release a second album, and Brendan Reed was behind the drum kit for Arcade Fire back when they were recording their debut EP.

Clue’s first album just came out this week, but to get even more clues about the band, we had Penner and Reed’s bandmate, Lisa Gamble, put together a mixtape for us. As she explains, “In true Canadian tradition, I thought to put together a mix tape that least exemplifies my culture. You will find that none of these songs allude to either our terrible climate or the game of hockey.” So what do they have in common? “Joyfulness—even if they seem angsty.”

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