Thursday, May 28, 2009 Book Club w/ Clues' Alden Penner

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Book Club
Alden Penner of Clues Loves 'Tao of Pooh'
Find out why the ex-Unicorns singer-guitarist recommends the book, which he received as a gift from actor Michael Cera.

Clues frontman Alden Penner reads a lot of books. And though he doesn't necessarily finish them all, the ex-Unicorns man says a wide variety of writing influenced the songs on Clues' self-titled debut. "[A] book I read recently was a history of the Mennonites in the Ukraine, because part of my background is Mennonite," Penner tells "One of the Clues songs, 'A Perfect Fit,' throws a line around about the two hundred year history of the Mennonites in the Ukraine who are known as a migratory people who were always displaced."

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