Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Time Out NY Previews Loud Fast Jews!

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Ticket Alert: Loud Fast Jews!

Early punk rock was an overwhelmingly Jewish phenomenon, both in its location (New York City), participants (Joey Ramone, Richard Hell, Malcolm McLaren), forefathers (Lou Reed, Jonathan Richman, Bob Dylan) and attitude (wordy, media-savvy, anxiety-ridden). From an admittedly myopic perspective, the genre completed rock & roll’s natural curve—what began with Elvis culminated in the Ramones—while providing a loud, early finale to the rambunctious Jewish-American art experience of the 20th century.

On Thursday, June 11, four Jewish punks—Tommy Ramone, Lenny Kaye, Handsome Dick Manitoba and Blondie’s Chris Stein—will address these issues at “Loud Fast Jews!” The panel, arranged by Guitar World editor Richard Bienstock, takes place at Chelsea’s YIVO Institute for Jewish Research. (Apparently, CBGB was unavailable.) Tickets, which cost $18 ($12 if you can successfully impersonate a student), are available at Older punks still grappling with the Internet, call 212-868-4444.