Monday, May 4, 2009

Stereogum Premieres Fang Island's "The Absolute Place!"

huge thanks to the entire Stereogum staff for their support!

Yeasayer's Chris Keating Remixes Fang Island

While Yeasayer is slowly progressing on their followup to All Hour Cymbals, the band's stayed in sight with one of the many standouts on the Dark Was The Night comp, and via some noteworthy extracurricular activity: guitarist Anand Wilder produced the debut EP for the BTW'd (and ACL-bound) Brooklyn project Suckers, and bassist Ira Wolf Tuton guested on Natasha Khan's stunner Two Suns. Now the band's lead vocalist and primary hands-raiser Chris Keating has a Wiki-page footnote his own, remixing "The Absolute Place" by Brooklyn outfit Fang Island. Fang Island's original is a triumphant, heavily riffed, primarily instrumental epic, whiplashing through six minutes of smiling prog jams, and as many tempos as passages, before settling into one last minute of uplifting chants. Keating's take is great, a ground-up reworking rooted in that last minute of vocals, cutting and looping them over some tropical bounce via various bits of syncopated percussion and snippets of guitars. Try 'em both back to back:

(((Click to listen to the remix and original versions of "The Absolute Place" here!)))