Thursday, November 8, 2007

Best of The Fest: Paint it Black!

our friends @ Late Night Wallflower have done extensive coverage of The Fest, highlighting our favorite bands in punk rock, and giving a shout to our very own PAINT IT BLACK!

Best Of The Fest: Paint It Black
Posted on November 8th, 2007 by bill

One of the many Fest highlights came late Saturday night when Paint It Black stormed the stage at Common Grounds. The night before, Paint It Black performed at a house party (some video can be found here) and Dan Yemin claimed that is was the one of the best shows he has ever played and challenged the crowd to match the previous nights intensity and passion. He even out right demanded that the crowd beat Municipal Waste’s record of “infinity stage dives,” demanding they put forth “infinity plus one.”

The band performed two new tracks from their upcoming third album, which we hear will be released in early February. Based on the new cuts they played, we are highly anticipating this release, not to mention that Yemin himself said in regards to the new record, “it’s going to bring punk rock back to year zero.” Fuck yeah.

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