Wednesday, November 7, 2007

ZS on The Howard Stern Show Pt 2! The Audio is Here!

On The Howard Stern Show Yesterday and Today * Upcoming East Coast Dates w/ The Locust!

"It's mood music, if you're in a mental home!"
- Howard Stern of The Howard Stern Show

"It sounds like guys falling over their instruments!"
- Richard Christy of The Howard Stern Show

"I love this! There is hope for music yet!"
- Robin Quivers of The Howard Stern Show


We are not kidding! Brooklyn's legendary avant-jazz heroes ZS, and yours truly, have spent the last two days in a state of utter-amazement and disbelief. Yesterday, live on The Howard Stern Show, comedian and on-air personality, Richard Christy, handed Howard Stern himself a copy of the new ZS album, "Arms" (out now on Planaria), and proceeded to play (and comment on) select tracks off the record, resulting in one of the funniest bits this daily listener has ever heard (ok, maybe we're a little biased).

Listen to ZS on The Howard Stern Show HERE!

To make things even crazier, while reporting today's Howard 100 News, reporter Lisa G mentioned to Howard how she spoke w/ the band following yesterday's hijinx. Here's some of how it went down, as reported from

Lisa G's Howard 100 News Preview. Wednesday, 11/07/07. 7:30am:

Lisa said that she spoke to two band members from The Zs which was something that Howard had played on the air yesterday. Artie missed it so Howard played some of it for him. Howard said it's not even music. The guys had even created a Baba Booey song parody to one of their songs so Howard quickly played that as well.

Lisa said that the guys in that band have been taking music lessons since they were kids and the music is supposed to challenge them about what they know about music. They also claim that they get paid very well when they go out on the road with that act. Howard said that they're all going to play something and create something just like their songs. Everyone talked about what they wanted to play. Gary is going to play Trumpet and everyone else picked various instruments to play. Robin said that she could be the lead singer in that band.

Lisa said she thinks that music is hard to play but Howard said it's really not. Lisa asked Fred if it's really hard and Fred said that it is, but why would you want to?

Ummm, what the hell is happening right now! All we know is this is very bizarre but we couldn't be happier to hear our boys on our favorite show in all of entertainment.

Huge thanks go out to The Stern Show staff, especially Lisa G and Richard Christy for their help and for opening our packages. Learn from Howard and Artie rules.

In related news, Sirius channel 100 (aka The Howard 100 News), will be doing a profile on the band around 3pm and 4pm Eastern TODAY. Be sure to tell your friends to tune in!

ZS will also be performing in select cities w/ industrial-speed-punx THE LOCUST later this month. Dates below:

More about ZS:

ZS is the New York band (formed in January 2002) working between the worlds of Avant Rock and New Music. Mostly instrumental, the music often explores the extremes of compositional complexity and virtuosity as well as extended repetition. The sound ranges from “brutal chamber music” to bombastic Prog Rock counterpoint to barely audible breathing sounds to mournful jazz drones. Math rock rhythms, insane time signatures, over the top's all here.

Originally curated by Orthrelm's Mick Barr in the early turn of the millennium, ZS has gone on to release a number of stellar albums on the Planaria and Troubleman imprints, the most successful of which was 2005's stunning "Karate Bump" EP.

To date, many may have seen ZS perform w/ the likes of Battles, Animal Collective, TV on the Radio, El Guapo, Black Eyes, Q and not U, and others, and are set for a series of upcoming dates around the East Coast w/ Skeletons and the Kings of All Cities, Dirty Projectors, Ecstatic Sunshine, Excepter, and The Locust!

Do not miss the opportunity to see one of the most genre-defying and experimental bands in the modern rock movement.

Tracklist for "Arms"
1) B Is For Burning
2) Woodworking
3) Nobody Wants To Be Had
4) Balk
5) I Can't Concentrate
6) Except When You Don't Because Sometimes You Won't
7) Z Is For Zone

ZS Live!
Nov 17 2007 Valentine’s Albany, New York w/ The Locust
Nov 18 2007 Living Room Providence, Rhode Island w/ The Locust
Nov 19 2007 Maxwell's Hoboken, NJ w/ The Locust
Nov 20 2007 Knitting Factory New York, New York w/ The Locust
Nov 21 2007 Ottobar Baltimore, Maryland w/ The Locust
Dec 7 2007 Issue Project Room Brooklyn, NY w/ Excepter and Stars Like Fleas

For more information, visit: