Tuesday, November 20, 2007

COYOTE Releases "Outsides" Today * New Video for "White Fox!"

(featuring members of Man Man, Vaz, Bottom of the Hudson)
Release New Album "Outsides" TODAY on Hot Dog City!

"With passion and fury, Coyote releases a riveting work of energy and earnest emotion" - Pop Culture Press

"Marvelously moody ... off-kilter, organ-driven weirdness." - Philadelphia Weekly

"This is rock 'n' roll as it should be played, as if not only life and limb, but also the soul's salvation, depended upon it." - The Boston Globe

"Damn-near frightening" - Prefixmag.com

Watch the new video for "White Fox" HERE!

You hold in your hands the new and very special album from Philadelphia's COYOTE. Comprised of members featuring the late Trevor Butler (Bottom of the Hudson), Russell Higbee (Man Man, Lewis & Clarke), Jeff Mooridian (Vaz), and Ryan Hamilton, this all-star lineup demonstrates the triumph of a circle of friends soldiering on after one of the more personally catastrophic events in their lives.

Still active after the loss of a band-mate, the sound of COYOTE has become that of subtle, yet raging power. Some might recall a bit of Three Mile Pilot or Black Heart Procession, but nevermind those comparisons. The rhythm section plows right through any chance of being a normal indie band. The keys and guitar meander and toss melodies back and forth amongst one another, while the drums and bass powerfully crush beat after beat. Ryan Hamilton's vocals are not to be forgotten, chanting and screeching in perfect pitch, while remaining in the background 'til the time is right to wallop you w/ a prancing howl.

COYOTE brings elements of sound from each member's aforementioned band to create a spiraling hum that seems most at home in a Stanley Kubrick film or an episode of The Twilight Zone (listen to the track Tea Kettle for a better idea).

To listen to COYOTE is to venture into the dark nether-regions of our universe and psyche, and "Outsides," is a celebration and homage to the band's accomplishments, past, present, and future.

Tracklist for "Outsides"
1. white fox
2. quietly
3. tea kettle
4. headlights
5. old school gratitude
6. no young man
7. airbourne
8. gala of spades
9. parlor
10. awful time

Coyote Live!
Nov 23rd @ Johnny Brenda's in Philadelphia w/ Mountain High
Dec 7th @ The Cake-Shop in NYC w/ Mountain High

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