Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Alternative Press Interviews The Chariot's Josh Scogin!

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It's a metaphor, fool.
The Chariot - Wars And Rumors Of Wars

Josh Scogin leads his musical merrymakers in more manically pounding, distortion-soaked exercises of catharsis that sound more fully realized than any of their past work. Opening track "Teach" lurches forth as a brutal waltz, while its exasperating follower, "Evolve," releases stuttered aggression in deliberate bursts. "Impress" wields a surprising punk-rock tempo one moment then sneaks in chords lifted from a Neurosis record the next. "Giveth" explores lows and highs with admirable depth and floor-stomping dynamics, making it one of the band's most epic compositions to date, especially with Scogin's vicious self-exploration ("Does this mean I'm a threat?"). The next track, "Abandon," bleeds boiling, brooding textures better than ever. The only rumor that should be spread about this album is that it's The Chariot's best yet.

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