Wednesday, April 29, 2009

RCRD LBL Premiere's The Warlock's "Red Camera!"

huge thanks to the RCRD LBL staff for their support!

EXCLUSIVE NEW DOWNLOAD: The Warlocks - "Red Camera"

For a name that didn't fit early incarnations of both The Velvet Underground and The Grateful Dead, The Warlocks has done right by Bobby Hecksher, who adopted the name for his then eight-strong band of pranksters in 1998. Since their inception, Hecksher's Warlocks have released five albums of very strong, cataclysmic psych-rock, and "Red Camera," from their newest one, The Mirror Explodes, extends the trip further. After building on python-ish drones and tambourines hits for the better part of four minutes, the band really hit their stride in the closing moments, when what seems like the trillionth guitar covers everything in inches of beastly drone. MP3 premiere below; The Mirror Explodes is out May 19th through Tee Pee.

(((Click to download "Red Camera" here!)))