Friday, April 10, 2009

Decibel Magazine Streams Stinking Lizaveta's "Sacrifice and Bliss!"

huge thanks to the Decibel Magazine staff for their support!

Stream the New Stinking Lizaveta Record Here!

Stinking Lizaveta's Sacrifice and Bliss
is easily Decibel's favorite record by someone named Yanni since Live at the Acropolis. No, seriously, we can't get enough of this philthy Philly instrumental doom-sludge-jazz trio. In a recent issue of the magazine, Adem Tepedelen praised Sacrifice and Bliss: "This, their sixth album in 13 years, is still as timeless as their first. Timeless in that it references a number of bands—late-era Black Flag skronk, early Sabbath gloom, Sonic Youth’s unfettered experimentalism—without aligning itself with their specific genres or eras."

(((Click to stream "Sacrifice and Bliss" here!)))