Thursday, April 2, 2009

Noisecreep Interviews Big Business' Coady Willis!

huge thanks to the Noisecreep staff for all their support!

Big Business Hit the Road With Tweak Bird
By: Matt Debenedictis

The sludge and the swagger known as Big Business are hitting the road again; they've got a new album coming out called 'Mind The Drift' on May 12 via Hydrahead Records, and in an exclusive interview with Noisecreep drummer Coady Willis called the album "the most ambitious thing we have tried yet." For those not in the loop, Big Business is no longer a two-some of just drums and bass. Toshi Kasai has been added on guitar and keyboard. 'Mind The Drift' is the first full length that Big Business has shown off this new three-man stoner-esque heaviness for the masses.

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