Wednesday, April 8, 2009 Reviews New Poison Arrows Track "Total Beverage!"

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The Poison Arrows
"Total Beverage" (MP3)

Chicago's Poison Arrows is a band fronted by Justin Sinkovich, former Atombombpocketknife frontman and founder of As "Total Beverage" indicates, The Poison Arrows are influenced by Steve Albini in more ways than just his engineering. With a rhythm section straight out of the Jesus Lizard, the track could just as easily be a lost Big Black track circa 1986. What makes it so special, however, is the way it connects early industrial noise and wild bass and drums to the contemporary world of complex indie song structure. As a result, "Total Beverage," which also features vocal contributions Ponys guitarist Brian Case, sounds as much like Ponys contemporaries Deerhunter and Battles as it does Big Black or the Swans.

First Class, and Forever, released on Sinkovich's File 13 records, is due out May 12.

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