Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gifts From Enola Stream New s/t Album Out July 13th on The Mylene Sheath * Announce First Leg of Summer US Tour

Stream Gifts From Enola's new self-titled album here!

Formidable and entrancing. Gifts From Enola didn’t simply type their formula into the Almighty Post-Rock Calculator. They took brooding atmospheres and injected them with ghastly screams, driving beats and more than enough enigmatic head-scratching. - Absolutepunk

Gifts From Enola have created an album that finally and perfectly captures the intensity of their live show and expands upon all of their past ideas ten-fold. Or maybe they've simply taken past ideas to their logical extremes, destroyed them, and birthed brand new ideas from their ashes. Either way, the band continues to evolve at an astonishing rate and further pushes their sonic spectrum into an unclassifiable area that is all at once hard to explain, but impossibly easy to listen to. And we don't mean that in the "easy-listening" genre of music sense either. If anything, the band has become more technical and heavier than even the heaviest parts of "From Fathoms" (their critically acclaimed 2009 release), not in a "breakdown-and-beat-you-over-the-head" sort of way, but more in the album's overall sound.

With more attention to dynamics than ever before, and a recording that truly demonstrates a band approaching a creative zenith, the new Gifts From Enola album is a lock to defy expectations and raise the creative bar yet again. Easily staying ahead of the pack by pushing themselves to color outside any preset guidelines laid down before them, the band has never intentionally shunned convention - but simply write music with their collective heart on their sleeve.

* The upcoming self titled Gifts From Enola album was mixed and mastered by Moving Mountains guitarist/vocalist Gregory Dunn with artwork handled by Three Bears Design (mewithoutYou, Caspian, Reliant K). This marks the bands third full length release, following up "Loyal Eyes Betrayed The Mind" (2006, The Mylene Sheath) and "From Fathoms" (2009, The Mylene Sheath), as well as a split CD with Seattle, WA's You.May.Die.In.The.Desert (2008, Differential). Gifts From Enola is a band through flirting with their potential, as this album proves, this is band that has fearlessly reached the next level.

Stream Gifts From Enola's new album here!

1. Lionized
2. Dime and Suture
3. Alagoas
4. Grime and Glass
5. Rearview

Gifts From Enola Live
July 16th- Harrisonburg, VA @ Blue Nile (album release show)
July 17th- Greensboro, NC @ Legitimate Business
July 19th- Clarksville, TN @ The Coup
July 20th- Memphis, TN @ The Hi-Tone
July 21st- Shreveport, LA @ Bears Oyster House
July 22nd- Dallas, TX @ The Cavern
July 23rd- Austin, TX @ Club Deville
July 24th- San Antonio, TX @ The Ten Eleven
July 26th- Albuquerque, NM @ The Fusion Factory
July 28th- Phoenix, AZ @ Mardi Gras
July 29th- Las Vegas, NV @ Yayo Taco
July 30th- Los Angeles, CA @ Pehrspace
July 31st- Goleta, CA @ The Hard to Find Show Space
August 2nd- San Francisco, CA @ Retox Lounge
August 3rd- Chico, CA @ Cafe Coda
August 5th- Portland, OR @ The Doug Fir Lounge
August 6th- Bellevue, WA @ Ground Zero
August 7th- Boise, ID @ House Show TBA
August 9th- Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court
August 10th- Grand Junction, CO @ The Panthernaut
August 11th- Denver, CO @ The Meadowlark
August 13th- Kansas City, MO @ The Record Bar
August 14th- Iowa City, IA @ Public Space One

Additional US and European Tour Dates Coming Soon!

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