Thursday, July 22, 2010

Iron Age Frontman Launches Cyclopean Records * New Albums Out This Year from The Roller, Mammoth Grinder, Slaughter Strike and More!

Cyclopean Records is the new Austin-based record label started by Iron Age frontman Jason Tarpey almost exactly one year ago, with releases from his own band Iron Age, their massively ripping brother band Mammoth Grinder, and Los Angeles cult-psyche heroes Green & Wood just to name a few. Says Tarpey "I started thinking about Cyclopean in the Spring of 2009, while Iron Age was in the studio recording The Sleeping Eye. We paid for the recording ourselves in order to own the album and shop it around to get a deal. Before TeePee picked it up I decided to press it on 2xLP and give Iron Age half of the records to recoup for the recording. After selling out rather quickly I decided I could probably do this full time. So I put out the Mammoth Grinder record Extinction of Humanity because it rips and they're great dudes, after that things started to happen by themselves. I caught Green & Wood live on their tour with the Roller, then I saw Slaughter Strike while Iron Age was in Canada, it was pretty much one obviously good move after another! Now that my band has settled down to write new material I have a lot of time to make the label something real and ever-present, and I'm very excited about where things are going."

As mentioned in his statement, the label has planned a slew of releases for the second part of 2010, beginning with the new 12" EP from Slaughter Strike, entitled "At Life's End," out August 3rd, followed by the new Sungod full-length "First Matter," as well as the split release from Mammoth Grinder and Hatred Surge, and new full-length releases from The Roller, NightBitch and more!

Cyclopean Records 2010 Release Schedule Part 1:

Download "Unspeakable" off Slaughter Strike's "At Life's End" here!

Slaughter Strike "At Life's End" (August 3rd)
Slaughter Strike - Coming this month, Toronto face rippers SLAUGHTER STRIKE, will unleash a brand new 5 song, 12" EP entitled At Lifes End, their 15 minute journey through a violent, death-reeking worm hole of gnashing teeth and shredding madness. Crafted by veterans of the Canadian Death/thrash/grind world, the newest offering since their debut cassette A Litany of Vileness will prove them to be even more of a filthy, priest-stomping monster that wants to devour your being through unrelenting metal. Fans of Bill Steer era Napalm Death, Repulsion, and Discharge will find 'em to be true brethren, and a limited pressing on vinyl means that it would be foolish to pass this one up. Check back soon for a release date, pre-orders will be taken for a small run of colored vinyl!

Sungod "First Matter" (August 24th)
Sungod - Cyclopean Records is proud to introduce SUNGOD, an onslaught of drifting riffs, pounding drums, and oscillations from Austin, TX. FIRST MATTER represents Sungod's first recorded excursions into the vastness of the inner space. The sonic forms move from driving 70's psychedelia to desolate western soundscapes and create a cerebral amalgam of heavy riffs, hypnotic drones, and pulsing rhythms. Captured to analog tape, the nature of the sound is organic, warm and intimate. This quality of the recording, combined with the exploratory nature of the music, make the two-piece's cosmic collection of improvisations and compositions an ideal soundtrack for the altered mind. FIRST MATTER will see a limited vinyl release with an elaborately decorated gatefold sleeve that informs and accentuates the mystical nature of the sonic rituals. Far-reaching and unrelenting, prepare for the SUNGOD and perish in his light.

+ Coming This Fall: New full-length album from Austin's doom-heroes The Roller, the highly anticipated Mammoth Grinder / Hatred Surge split 12" and the debut full-length from New England's Sabbath-obsessed warriors Nightbitch!

Mammoth Grinder Live!
7/23 - Santa Barbara, CA @ SOUND AND FURY FEST
7/24 - Ojai, CA @ Ojai Women's Center
7/25 - Boyle Heights, CA @ The Blvd
7/26 - Boston, MA @ O'Briens w/ Innumerable Forms
7/27 - Philadelphia @ TBA w/ Innumerable Forms
7/28 - New Brunswick, NJ @ New Brunswick Aquarium w/ Innumerable Forms
7/29 - Brooklyn, NY @ 57 Waterbury w/ Innumerable Forms
7/30 - Toronto, ON @ Sneaky Dee's w/ Innumerable Forms
7/31 - Montreal, QB @ Friendship Cove w/ Innumerable Forms
8/2 - Chicago, IL @ Albion House
8/3 - Minneapolis, MN @ The Beat
8/4 - Omaha, NE @ House Show
8/5 - Kansas City, MO @ Scion Lab
8/6 - Springfield, MO @ Magic Bean
8/7 - Little Rock, AR @ Downtown Music

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