Wednesday, July 28, 2010

La Otracina Announce New Album, "Reality Has Got to Die," Out September 21st on Holy Mountain!

Download new song "Raze The Sky" here!

Someone has to carry on the prog rock torch, and La Otracina play ambitious, head-banging hard, '70s style stadium rock that hints at jazz and classical influences. - WNYC

These folks have managed to develop a voice within the genre, one which pushes beyond mere imitation into delicate, needling guitar passages, confident soloing, and heavy, non-traditional rhythmic bias. Plenty of ideological left turns enhance a rather traditional, familiar listening experience into something memorable. – Dusted

A prog-burner that's equal parts Deep Purple, Big Business and King Crimson. Grab this now. – Chronic Youth

Their ability to further the current generation of "prog" beyond mere nods to forefathers in the krautrock and psychedelic scenes is unparalleled. – Raven Sings The Blues

LA OTRACINA is the New Wave of Psychedelic Heavy Metal, a contemporary musical vision exploding with classic influences and mind-warping sonic fusions! Their sound is a dense and majestic universe where the epic glory of 70’s proto-metal and hard-rock dance with the graceful complexity of cosmic progressive rock and the hallucinogenic mystery of heavy psychedelia, and all the while free-form improvisational interludes give way to poly-rhythmic thrash assaults and spiraling jazz-rock freakouts!

Formed in Brooklyn, NY in 2003 by drummer/vocalist Adam Kriney and guitarist Joshua Anzano (now of TITAN and CHILDREN), LA OTRACINA was always hell-bent on creating highly visionary music that collided sonic ideas from the outer reaches of heavy and weird. Since that time the group has released three full length albums and 11 mini-albums, along with a slew of splits and compilations, on labels including Holy Mountain, Foxy Digitalis, and Kriney’s own Colour Sounds Recordings. As a live entity, they have embarked on seven US tours and one Italian tour, in addition to countless shows in their hometown. Their tireless work ethic and far-reaching musical abilities have earned them a devoted cult following in the underground psychedelic/heavy music world, and their live shows leave fans
screaming and fist-pumping in ecstatic awe!

Reality Has Got to Die was recorded in bass player Evan Sobel's home studio and the band's rehearsal space over two years (Sobel also recorded/produced NAAM's s/t debut LP recently released on TeePee Records). Says Kriney, "It's our first album to feature our current line-up and also the first to feature the new vocal-based music we have been working on, being that we were an instrumental band to begin with when we started. We're really excited about the musical dynamic throughout the album shifting between classic hard rock, early-metal, and prog, but also including forrays into free-jazz, cosmic synthesizer music, and even free-folk. We think this really represents the high level of musicality of the band and shows our ability to bring all of these seemingly disparate genres together in a seemless ball of connected sonic bliss. As I see it, LA OTRACINA does not play any 'type' of music, we play ALL music, and it just ends up sounding like US, no matter what style or genre we receive influence from. Lyrically, we're very excited that we can present themes to enhance the already sky-bound music to further destinations of mythological and fantastical worlds, creating poetry based on our own real experiences and our response to the insane world around us and our lives as artists struggling through it. So on many levels this album is a major work of catharsis for us and we are proud to share it with the listener in hopes that it will propel them into the future or past or whenever/wherever they'd like to be. Its a sweet ride mama, hold on."

Now in their seventh year, LA OTRACINA is the trio of Adam Kriney, Evan Sobel, and Philippe Ortanez.

* Adam - drummer/vocalist- is a well respected drummer in the global improv/experimental music underground, and his vanity label Colour Sounds Recordings is equally praised. He has also performed/toured/recorded with the likes of NEBULA, WHITE HILLS, CASTANETS, Arrington DeDionyso (of OLD TIME RELIJUN), and Steve Krakow (of PLASTIC CRIMEWAVE SOUND). Although LA OTRACINA was originally an instrumental group, Adam begin singing and drumming in 2008, leading them into newer and more magnetic terrains!

* Evan - baritone guitar (an unusual and rarely seen instrument crossing the fuzzed out sonic boundaries of bass and guitar. Used here in unique fashion laying massive riffage, ethereal textures and soaring lead lines) weaves walls of low-end brain-melt across the grids of time, holding down the grooves and extending the weirdness off into space. He is also a noted engineer/producer having recorded all of the group’s albums since he joined in 2007 and an in demand live sound engineer in the New York music scene.

* Philippe - electric guitarist- explores the dunes of avant-rock polyphony and outer dimensions of psychedelic riffage, and he’s known for super-human on-stage acrobatics as far-reaching as the cosmos. He joined the group in 2008 and ever since has helped forge their ever swirling ocean of heavy rock mayhem!

Reality Has Got to Die Track List
1. Hail Fire
2. Raze the Sky
3. Crystal Wizards of the Cosmic Weird
4. Can't Take No City Life
5. Reality Has Got to Die
6. We Ride On
7. Mass Meteoric Mind

* Reality Has Got to Die is available digitally now, download directly from iTunes, Midheaven, or eMusic today!

La Otracina Live!
07/28/10 at Coco 66, Greenpoint/Brooklyn, NY w/ TELECULT POWERS & LA BIG VIC (Curated by Memory Burn!)
08/22/10 - at JR's Bar, Philadelphia, PA w/ EIDETIC SEEING & EMPTY SHAPES
08/27/10 - at Union Pool, Brooklyn, NY w/ WIZARDRY, BEZOAR & NAAM
09/16/10 - at Union Pool, Brooklyn, NY w/ MONDO DRAG & THE MAIN STREET GOSPEL

* Additional US dates and October US tour dates coming soon, November European tour dates to follow

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