Thursday, February 21, 2008 Reviews 5ive's "Hesperus!"

huge thanks to Matt Kiser and the entire staff!

(Hydra Head / Tortuga)
By Matt Kiser

Ominous. Foreboding. Post-apocalyptic. These are all words that aptly describe the sonic ruminations of Boston's 5ive. But, what they really mean is that the doomy, trance-inducing attack of this duo's furiously fuzzy psyche-out guitars and head-denting drum caterwaul are the sound of heavy, progressive metal getting thwacked... twice. Ben Carr's guitar tone is a dense, swirling cauldron of mysticism that never gets muddy or bogged down. The long, flanging drones contend with the punchy melodies, guitar canoodling and curious experimental freak-outs that are physically demanding, mentally daunting and something akin to being trounced before promptly being eviscerated. Carr's sonic assault is reminiscent of the tone Lemmy was trying to create on bass in Motorhead, but jammed into low gear. All the while drummer Charlie Harrold's reassures us of the adventure with his galloping fantasy accompaniment that provides the backbone for the twosome's instrumental terror.

With several releases already under their belt, 5ive offer an amalgamation on Hesperus that's a thrilling ride into a more adventurous side of prog-metal. Nearly half the 44-minute record is just two songs ("News I" and "News II") and what precedes them is a blueprint for the rutting and often cantankerous foundation of 5ive. Thank god there aren't any vocals to ruin the awesomeness.

Tracklist For Hesperus:

01. Gulls
02. Big Sea
03. Kettle Cove
04. Heel
05. Polar 78
06. News I
07. News II