Monday, February 11, 2008

Pastepunk Reviews Team Robespierre's "Everything's Perfect!"

huge thanks to Jason Bergman and the entire Pastepunk staff:

TEAM ROBESPIERRE "Everything's Perfect" (Impose Records)
Review by Jason Bergman

TEAM ROBESPIERRE are not known for their subtlety. Whether it’s their infamous shows that end up in sweaty dance parties that usually get busted by the cops or their latest effort Everything’s Perfect, this Brooklyn based group spend 18 minutes beating you over the head with their own brand of madness. “Laika” blasts forth from your speakers with a wave of high octane synthesizer and guitar, mixed with fast paced hi-hat while spazzing gang vocals burst through. Subtle, this ain’t. Blending a mix of early, dancier LIARS, snotty vocals, catchy as hell synth, and a bit of angular guitar and vocals borrowed from AN ALBATROSS, TEAM ROBESPIERRE have created their own, unusual brand of quirky mayhem. Although their lyrics may not make a whole lot of sense (shouts of slogans like “Pitbull Terrier!” and “I want gasoline! Unleaded!” are just prime examples), tracks like the handclap-infused “Solid Gold” and “Ha Ha Ha,” which starts off sounding like a leftover 80s hardcore punk song before the cowbell kicks in and leads into a poppy melody, will keep you entertained enough to keep coming back. Sure, it may not be Perfect, but TEAM ROBESPIERRE have crafted something that certainly stands out from the pack of recent middling dance bands infused with a little bit of spazz rock.