Friday, February 8, 2008

The NY Times previews Kaiju Big Battel @ Webster Hall!

huge thanks to Melena Ryzik and the entire NY Times staff!

Uchu Chu the Space Bug Has Landed
Friday, February 8, 2008

Equal parts wrestling match, performance art and manga-style cartoonish whimsy, Kaiju Big Battel hits Webster Hall on Saturday. The creation of a Boston-based arts group, Kaiju Big Battel is inspired by Japanese monster movies and the WWE.

Expect a fierce battle between costumed characters — Steam Powered Tentacle Boulder, Uchu Chu the Space Bug (both self-explanatory), Call-Me-Kevin (“a loser sea beast”), and yes, even the “despicable, square-headed mad scientist” Dr. Cube will make an appearance — on a stage decked out with a cityscape just waiting to be destroyed.

Video cameras are not allowed near the arena, but if you take some hot shots and beam them to your new digital picture frame (David Pogue’s recommendations are here), it’ll be almost as good as “Cloverfield.”