Friday, February 15, 2008

sBACH Announces Suicide Squeeze Debut!

(featuring Hella's Spencer Seim) Announces Debut Release, August 19th on Suicide Squeeze!

From the brainchild of (one half of) legendary Sacramento noise-duo Hella, Spencer Seim, comes the new project entitled sBACH.

Set for release this August on the Suicide Squeeze imprint, Seim promises to have no idea what the record will sound like until he sits down to record, but thinks it will sound something like his half of the landmark Hella record "Church Gone Wild, Chirpin Hard" (Chirpin Hard being Seim's contribution).

Known for his brand of 16-bit Nintendo-spazz guitar madness, sBACH will surely scramble brains around the world.

Seim also promises to take his new project on the road, which is awesome because he rips the axe like nobody's business. Be sure to befriend sBACH on Myspace, make him feel special.

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