Sunday, June 1, 2008

NASA Sends The Phenomenauts Into Space!

NASA Sends The Phenomenauts Into Space * Invites The Band To Shoot New Video @ Houston Headquarters!

These guys aren't like anything you've seen or heard before...I saw Phenomenauts play in both New York City and San Francisco; each time the place was jam-packed with people chanting "Science and honor!" A few dozen were dressed as robots, and endless streams of chicks looked like they'd just landed in from an R-rated Jetsons episode. Fanfare of that sort doesn't happen by coincidence. - Thrasher Magazine

This is a band that NEEDS to be experienced live, by everyone. -

Minding the gap between the aggro Cal punk that dominates the Warped Tour and the avant-psych pop that's justly favored in their hometown of San Francisco, this outfit proffers a thoroughly endearing summertide blend. A scattering of bizarro sci-fi effects somehow only adds to the logic. - CNET

If you only look at their gear — Star Trek-meets-Devo space outfits, odd retro/futuristic eyewear, toilet paper guns — you might dismiss the Phenomenauts as a joke, but behind the image there's a serious message about brotherhood, ecology, peace, community cooperation, and, yes, science and honor. Their fusion of rockabilly, psychedelic garage noise, aggressive new wave dance, pop, and punk may sound a bit retro, but it's delivered with fierce energy, infuriatingly catchy tunes, and an uplifting message. - East Bay Express

After eight years of searching, NASA has discovered THE PHENOMENAUTS, on their very own home planet. The band was honored with a VIP tour of NASA's Houston headquarters last week, which included meetings with astronauts, scientists, and hands-on experience with space station parts and training facilities.

The song "Infinite Frontier" (from the band's brand new full length, For All Mankind) will be brought on board The International Space Station as part of the upcoming STS-124 mission, where it will be played for the crew's first wake up. Wake-up calls are a long-standing tradition of the NASA program. Each day during the mission, flight controllers in the Mission Control Center will greet the crew with an appropriate musical interlude. The track blends 70's punk with new-wave, asking "All the way from the bottom of the ocean to the upper atmosphere, there are astronomical possibilities, so why should we stop here?" and demands that we "Press onward!"

THE PHENOMENAUTS met with Mark E. Kelly who will be commanding the STS-124 shuttle mission to deliver the Pressurized Module and robotic arm of the Japanese Experiment Module, known as "Kibo" (hope), to The International Space Station.

Linear notes for the band's previous album, Re-Entry, state that it is dedicated to the brave men and women of NASA. Now, these scientists are finally aware of their admiration.

THE PHENOMENAUTS have been invited back to NASA's Houston headquarters for an extended tour and to shoot a music video for the song "Heroes" about the men, women, and animals that lived and died to advance our planet's space program.

Stay tuned as THE PHENOMENAUTS debut the animated music-video for "Infinite Frontier" next week, a collaboration with Emmy Award-winning animation writer RICH FOGEL (Justice League, Batman Beyond, Transformers: Animated) and animator ERICA HENDERSON (Venture Brothers/Astrobase Go).

THE PHENOMENAUTS have just returned from a six-week national tour in support of their new album, For All Mankind, and will be announcing dates soon for follow-up touring in the coming months. Until then, the band will be headlining the local band stage at San Francisco based Live 105's "BFD" festival at the shoreline amphitheater on June 6, and performing select shows along the west coast.

For All Mankind Tracklist
1. All Go For Launch
2. Man Alone
3. Cyborg
4. Make A Circuit With Me
5. Navitron
6. Tale of Europa
7. Heroes
8. She'll Launch
9. Infinite Frontier
10. Compensation
11. Don't Overheat on Me
12. Into a Time Warop
13. Science and Honor
14. The Colvin Moon

The Phenomenauts Live!
May 30 - San Jose, CA @ The Voodoo Lounge
May 31 - Oakland, CA @ The Command Center
June 7 - Mountain View, CA @ Shoreline Amphitheater for Live 105's "BFD"

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