Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Spinner Talks To The Phenomenauts!

huge thanks to Benjy Eisen and the entire Spinner staff!

The Phenomenauts Go to Space!

Okay, so they don't really come from outer space. But the Phenomenauts are finally headed there ... kinda. NASA will pack the song 'Infinite Frontier' (from the band's latest disc 'For All Mankind') with the astronauts for their upcoming STS-124 Mission. The song will end up on board the International Space Station where it will be played for the crew's first wake-up call.

The Phenomenauts were recently given a VIP tour of NASA's headquarters in Houston and met with STS-124 Mission Commander, Mark E. Kelly. "We compared life in a tour bus to life in a space ship," Phenomauts' Angel Nova tells Spinner. "He also is married to a congress woman from Arizona. We couldn't help seeing the similarities between Anikan Skywalker and Princess Palpatine."

NASA seems to have formed an unlikely bond with the avant-garde psych-punk band from California. The Phenomenauts' previous release, 'Re-Entry,' was dedicated to "the brave men and women of NASA" and the band is headed back to the Houston headquarters to film their next video, 'Heroes.'

Spinner just couldn't help but ask if, during their first visit to NASA, they dressed in costume. "We definitely wore our uniforms," says Jimmy Boom. "The Phenomenauts are hardly ever out of uniform, so this was pretty normal."

Apparently, Houston had no problem.