Monday, June 16, 2008

Gridlink (ex-Discordance Axis) Announces New Album on Hydra Head!

(ex - Discordance Axis)
Announces Debut Album, Amber Gray, out June 17th on Hydra Head * US Dates w/ Hayaino Daisuki!

On Chang's recent project, Hayaino Daisuki

After seven year musical hiatus following his former band’s colossal The Inalienable Dreamless, Chang is about to tear our eardrums a new one with 11 tracks of twitchy, scattered, Japanese inflected sonic goodness. – Grind and Punishment

It’s simple, really: throw together some classic melodic thrash riffs, scream the lyrics in Japanese, and caffeinate the whole thing till it rips by at grindcore speed. – Prefix

(Jon Chang) is the vocal Speed Racer of grind. – Lightning’s Girl

This would've been great but all they do is scream and play really fast. These guys need some break downs and some proper vocals. I'll stick to the new CD by Tony Danza, thank you very much. - Youth Beautiful Magazine

Apparently, destroying our faces once this year just wasn’t enough.

After thrashing and shredding us with the Hayaino Daisuki EP just a few months back, former Discordance Axis vocalist Jon Chang comes shrieking out of Hoboken to smash us in the man-tits with Gridlink. Pissing through 11 songs in under 13 minutes, Chang and his boys Takafumi Matsubara (guitar) and Bryan Fajardo (drums) whip up the kind of insanely technical grind blur that kills grandmothers instantly and makes the dudes from Napalm Death feel even older than they really are.

Best of all, you can play the entire album twice in less time that it takes to listen to Reign In Blood, which is perfect for all you ADD-types out there who stopped reading this halfway through the first sentence so you could IM your co-worker about th hey, is that a real iguana? What’s on TV tonight? Where are my keys?

Track Listing:
Amber Gray (1:07)
3 Miles Below Sea Level (0:51)
The Jenova (1:11)
Crash Logs (0:59)
Black (1:07)
Pattern Recognition (1:06)
Antitheist (1:18)
Stake Knife (1:13)
Asuka (0:34)
Burning Tiamat (1:04)
Severance Package (1:20)

Gridlink Live!

w/ Hayaino Daisuki (now featuring Ted Patterson ex-Burnt By The Sun on bass)!
8/14 The Charleston, Brooklyn, NY
8/15 The Talking Head baltimore, MD
8/16 The Khyber Philadelphia, PA
8/18 AS220 Providence, RI
8/19 Church of Boston, Boston, MA

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