Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lustmord Announces New Album on Hydra Head!

Announces New Album, Other, out July 22nd on Hydra Head!

Heavily treated, producing thick drone textures that alternate between beautiful and scary. - All Music Guide

The dark recesses of psychological trauma through the use of breathless ambience, blinding light and pitch black, textural rumbles and cracks, and sheer blasts of speed and sound. - The Electrogarden Network

Fans of Lustmord know that he is the master of darkness. -

You know that OCD tagline thing we do? The one that goes “______ since 1995?” Well,in regards to Lustmord, the blank could be filled with any number of clever in jokes... but the words “Creeping us out” would generally be darn near the top.

Technically speaking, Lustmord's been creeping out the music world since 1980, prior to joining industrial forefathers SPK. By the time our man started scoring films like 1994’s The Crow, he’d already worked with English experimental luminaries Nurse With Wound, Current 93 and (members of) Coil. His latest collection of night terrors and Lynch-ian atmospherics features guest shots from Adam Jones (Tool), Aaron Turner (Isis) and Buzz Osborne (Melvins). Not too shabby, right? Yeah, that’s what we think too.

More about L U S T M O R D :

In the late 1980’s Lustmord was consultant for Mute Records, assisting in the establishment of their subsidiary label The Grey Area where he compiled a four volume CD collection of Throbbing Gristle live material, and oversaw releases by Throbbing Gristle, SPK and Monte Cazazza. From 1985 until 1999 he owned and managed the label, Side Effects with releases worldwide including SPK and Laibach.

In 2001, Lustmord worked w/ Jarboe on her Dissected album, in '02 it was Mortiis' Smell of Rain, 2004 saw the amazing Lustmord / Melvins Pigs of the Roman Empire collaboration, and between 2005 - today, Lustmord has appeared on all Tool releases (the Schism, Parabola, and Vicarious DVD's, and their 10,000 Days full-length), as well as on all of frontman Maynard's Puscifer releases.

Lustmord is also frequently hired as a freelance sound designer from 1993 to present, including numerous credits on film, games and commercials. Motion picture credits include over forty movies including The Crow, Basketball Diaries, From Dusk Til Dawn, Suicide Kings, Spawn, SFW, Tank Girl, Strange Days, Pitch Black, Crazy Beautiful, Touristas, Vacancy and many many more. Commercials include Nike, Bud Light, Universal Studios and Gatorade and wrote the music for the Greg Hale (Blair Witch Project) series In Search Of.

The Lustmord album Heresy gave birth to the genre known as “Dark Ambient” which also saw collaborations and tours with Clock DVA.

Lustmord also created the music and sound design for the first Tech Demo showing the Playstation 3 capabilities (demo created by Nvidia), and Doom 3 for Xbox.

"Other" Tracklist
1. Testament (6:44)
2. Element (6:49)
3. Godeater (22:42)
4. Dark Awakening (8:24)
5. Ash (4:04)
6. Of Eons (9:12)
7. Prime [Aversion] (12:09)
8. Er Ub Us (8:03)

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